Brand Philosophy
KolorKraftDesign is a unique, bespoke interior design studio that believes in transforming spaces to speak a coherent and contemporary design language – one of class, sophistication and luxurious comfort. We design homes and offices in close consultation with the owner, to exude the aura that he/she desires. An aura that aptly reflects the signature style and DNA of the very people inhabiting the space.

Our turnkey interior design solutions articulate the luxe life. We are precise, innovative and careful with our choice of materials and product quality. Each space we design is special to us, and we seek to create for our clients a design aesthetic that is timeless, pleasant yet highly functional.

There is no limit to the customization we can offer our clients. You can choose from an array of interior design ideas including sophisticated furnishing, premium finish and high-end textures – all tasteful, elegant and luxurious in their own way.